Times change - Custom is the new Standard

Times change - Custom is the new Standard

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The year is 2017 and technology is at all time high, innovations happen hourly. In today's world, why would anyone want to settle for a solution that is not the perfect fit for the problem they face? IT professionals must weed through countless vendor websites and engage with sales person after sales person who preach, “features & benefits, features & benefits, features & benefits” because there is hardly ever an off the shelf solution for the problem at hand. In an environment of bleeding edge technology, should this be the case? When will finding a solution to a problem become a conversation instead of a research project? Well, I am happy to say that day is today and here’s how...

  1. Advanced Engineering: with the advent of rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing equipment, and 3D modeling, engineering the perfect solution is just another day at the office. 
  2. Factory Automation –“Lights Out” manufacturing has changed the game. Machines that can keep producing long after the last employee punches out for the day has a direct impact on overall capacity, throughput, and efficiency of the facility.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: As advancements in engineering and manufacturing become a reality, the overall cost of producing customized products decreases. Meaning, the cost difference between a highly customized data center cabinet and an "off the rack" data center cabinet is minimal. 

Over the past several years, we have seen more customized solutions being integrated into data center designs. It is interesting to note that these solutions are often put forth as “open standards” Good examples of this are Open Compute Project lead by Facebook and Open19 introduced by LinkedIn. These are bespoke solutions created to address a particular set of problems. 

Both OCP and Open19 were released to the industry at large. However, they do not claim to be a one size fits all solution for every problem. They do provide great insight as to how “out of the box” thinking may be applied to come up with custom tailored solutions which, in turn, can be proposed as new “standards.”

AFCO Systems is well known in the data center industry for its customization of cabinet products to meet individual customer problems. Since joining the Legrand family of companies in May of 2017, AFCO has been able to supercharge its capabilities to provide a custom cabinet and or containment solutions for its customers. With manufacturing facilities on both coasts, the newly formed Legrand Cabinet and Containment division has resources and capabilities that are un matched in North America. 

If you find yourself with a desk full of product cut sheets searching for that perfect solution, STOP. You will not find what you are looking for in a white paper, product brochure, or spec sheet. It is because the solution you are searching for hasn't been created yet and it is up to you to take the first step. Schedule a call to speak to one of our representatives and start a conversation that will result in the perfect solution for your organization which is Application Specific, Value Engineered, on budget and on time.


You don't need to settle for standard: Watch this video to learn how 


Let us know what you think of this post! Our primary goal is to promote conversation about data center efficiencies achieved through modern engineering of quality solutions.


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