This is the cabinet you’ve been looking for, (and your knuckles have been crying for)

This is the cabinet you’ve been looking for, (and your knuckles have been crying for)

These days, there is more and more demand for fitting servers into tighter and tighter foot prints. Data center ‘White Space” is arguably the most expensive real estate in the world. While new technology allows us to fit more servers and more cabinets into smaller footprints, solving the problem of meeting data demand without covering the planet in data centers, they present other challenges.

Not only do existing data centers need to add more capacity to accommodate customer demand, the trend toward edge computing is changing the definition of data center altogether.

While there is a lot of focus on how to maximize utilization of space on day one, it seems not as much thought is given to how we are going to live with things on day two….

Maybe that’s just me is just me, but cable management is a serious concern for anyone trying to fit more equipment into a limited footprint.

Given the traditional footprint of 19” EIA mounting in a 24” wide cabinet, there is only so much available “knuckle room” to work with. We are literally dealing with the age old axiom of “trying to squeeze ten pounds of “stuff” into a five pound bag.”

As demand drives density, and the endless thirst for more bandwidth pulls us closer to “The Edge” our industry is under constant pressure to do more with less. Every component of the system becomes more and more vital to the mission. Yes, even the oft overlooked rack or cabinet.

No matter how small and compact servers become, we’ll need humans, possibly humans like me with fat fingers, managing and manipulating the servers and the cords and cables they are attached to.

When you’re trying to map out an edge data center that maximizes servers for the square footage available, you need cabinets designed to maximize every inch of space for what matters - server storage - while making it easy to keep equipment up and running, regardless of what kind of maintenance needs to be done.

Legrand’s T6 Server Cabinet lets you maximize usable “U” space in the cabinet by providing more room for cables and cable management in “Zero U” areas. Introduction of a unique Power and Cable Management of “PCM” space in the rear of the cabinet actually increases usable cabinet space 1.5” That may not sound like much, but if you have ever torn up your knuckles trying to re-route data or power cables, or if you have ever been frustrated by a situation where you have to decide between cable management and equipment mounting space, you will appreciate that in this case, a little means a lot!

The T6 “PCM” is welded directly into the cabinet frame providing an accessible and stable area for mounting PDU’s and running bulky power cords. The PCM also introduces an additional pair of vertical posts to the cabinet frame (for a total of six vertical posts). This makes the T6 a real work horse, with a dynamic load rating of 3000 pounds and a static load rating of 4000 pounds.

The good news is not only can you get the T6 Server Cabinet for your next data center expansion or edge data center build out project, you can get it shipped in days, not weeks through Legrand’s Ready Ship program.

This is the cabinet you have been looking for. Rugged, usable, and available! Contact us today to find out how to get a T6 Server cabinet configured to your needs. Your knuckles will thank you!

Want to see the T6 Cabinet from Legrand?  Watch this video!


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