The Leader in Data Center Solutions: How Legrand’s UL Listed T & T6 Cabinets Support Growing Companies

The Leader in Data Center Solutions: How Legrand’s UL Listed T & T6 Cabinets Support Growing Companies

Legrand is continuing its commitment to support edge data centers with its T-Series and T6 Cabinets. These durable, robust cabinets are now UL 2416 listed, ensuring that our cabinet solutions meet the quality, sustainability, and safety standards of the UL – in addition to our own rigorous controls.




UL (Underwriter Laboratories) standards independently ensure the safety, quality, and sustainability of products. The 2416 listing on Legrand’s T-Series and T6 Server Cabinet products ensures that these products meet UL guidelines around quality and sustainability.

“Our T and T6 cabinets are evidence of Legrand CCB's commitment to design and manufacture solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Adding UL listing to the products confirms this commitment. We take great pride in having the most robust cabinet frames in the industry. UL Listing is the proverbial cherry on the cake.” – John Consoli, VP of Sales & Marketing, Legrand Cabinet & Containment

What Does This Mean for Edge Centers?

Unlike many enterprise centers, edge data centers often have limited space to meet the growing needs of today’s companies. Edge centers, built to expand coverage or decrease latency on the margins of existing networks, require the best use of existing space and often need “rack and stack” solution

That’s why Legrand sought out the UL 2416 listing, providing peace of mind to industry professionals so they can better support their edge data centers. With a static load rating of 4,000 pounds, the T-Series Cabinet Platform and the T6 are sturdily built-to-order to fit most edge applications. Both come fully welded, have a dynamic load rating of 3,000 pounds, and are customizable to your data center’s unique needs and are ideal for “rack and stack” requirements.

Learn more about what the UL 2416 listing means for the T-Series and T6 Cabinet Solutions here.

Your Data Center Partner

Simply your remote IT infrastructure needs with Legrand CCB’s intelligent, integrated computing solutions. Our flexible, scalable solutions meet the needs of your individual space and budget. As a one-vendor-solution, Legrand works directly with you wherever your deployment is with the customer support your team needs for success. Our line of full-size to wall-mount cabinets and racks are perfect for deploying computing capability in any and all data center scenarios.

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