Preparing for the unexpected during containment installation projects

Preparing for the unexpected during containment installation projects

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They say the only two true constants in life are death and taxes. These days, we’d add a third: demand for data storage and processing. That means whatever data storage and management solution you have in place today will not be what you need next year.

If you’re an IT professional managing any size data center, it is likely that aisle containment purchases are in your future. But of course, maximizing your data centers’ energy efficiency with aisle containment isn’t as simple as knowing which containment products to buy from various containment vendors for the current technology you have in place today. Good IT teams consider how to manage costs by using space, power, and cooling more efficiently to maximize overall energy usage in the data center..

The best data IT teams, however, know aisle containment is not a procurement task at all, but a huge undertaking of a project. Purchasing containment for your growing data center energy needs requires coordination across multiple internal departments, external contractors and vendors, and even local municipal services. As anyone who’s managed such a project before will tell you, installing containment is less like typical IT job and more like managing a construction site.

Planning containment projects means keeping cool in the face of surprises, because even a well-planned containment project, that addresses all of the most common mistakes when specifying requirements, can still run into roadblocks.

That’s why we at Legrand are excited to announce a follow up to last month’s webinar on avoiding common pitfalls with a new presentation digging into challenges we’ve helped customers overcome during installation. Managing containment projects requires a lot of work planning ahead, but also preparing for the unexpected. Learn more from our live webinar presentation on March 29th - sign up to attend here.

And there is more to come. Watch this space over the next few months to benefit from our years of experience working on containment installation projects of all different shapes and sizes. We’re calling it our “Planning Like a Pro” series, and our goal is to educate the market on everything from new legislation impacting containment projects, like California’s Title 24, to sharing best practices we’ve learned about working with local fire marshals so you know what to expect for your next data center project.

Our host this month is Saman Berookhim, who has been a Sales Engineer with AFCO Systems and now Legrand as of May 2017. He’s been heavily involved in cabinet and aisle containment for years, and has managed containment projects from conception to installation for a wide variety of Legrand’s clients. He’s excited to share some examples of projects and how we overcame some common challenges.

Watch the webinarAt the end of this presentation, it is our hope you’ll come away with new ideas to solved challenges at your data center.

The presentation is March 29th - sign up today so you can be ready for anything on your next containment installation project.

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