NEW: Legrand T & T6 Cabinets Now UL 2416 Listed

NEW: Legrand T & T6 Cabinets Now UL 2416 Listed

Just One More Way Legrand Ensures Quality

Legrand is proud to announce that both the T-Series and T6 Server Cabinets are now UL 2416 listed, with a dynamic load capacity of 3,000 pounds. While the listing primarily comes into play for broadcast and AV applications, there are several exciting repercussions for data centers.




What Are UL standards?

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) standards independently ensure the safety, quality, and sustainability of various products. You may be familiar with the UL seal on the back of your radio, for instance. The 2416 listing on Legrand’s T-Series and T6 Server Cabinet products ensures that these products meet UL guidelines around quality and sustainability.

As some jurisdictions look to require UL 2416 for Edge applications, it is important that your data center stay compliant with Legrand cabinet solutions.

The Right Cabinet Solution for Your Data Center

The T-Series Cabinets are ideal for those applications that require an extremely robust and durable solution.

With configurations and available accessories that cover the needs of Network Cabinets as well as Server Cabinets, the T Series is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including "rack and stack" applications where cabinets are loaded off-site and rolled into place at a data center. This is thanks to the T Series' static load rating of 4,000 pounds and full welded, steel tubular frame. Shipped fully assembled, the T-Series is a solid building block when planning or expanding your data center.

Legrand’s T6 Server Cabinets are very similar to the T-Series, designed to address the challenges associated with high-density server applications, cable management, airflow, and load capacity. Also fully-welded, the six-post, tubular frame has a dynamic load capacity of 3,000 lbs. An additional set of vertical posts toward the rear of the frame allows for an integrated “Power and Cable Manager” (PCM) welded into each side of the frame, providing a highly configurable mounting area for PDUs, power cables and network cables.

The T6 has the added benefit of being part of Legrand’s Ready-Ship program, in most cases providing for a fast delivery that is measured in days – not weeks.

Find out if the T-Series or T6 Server Cabinets are right for your implementation. Contact Legrand CCB today.

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