How to Choose the Perfect Data Center Partner

How to Choose the Perfect Data Center Partner

Legrand_blogphoto_7Data centers power our future, connecting people and ideas across the globe. As the speed of our world rapidly increases, the demands on data facilities are increasing at a near-exponential rate.  Perhaps the biggest example is the streaming wars that started really heating up in 2019. Every content producer in the business is looking to host and delivery their own video material directly to consumers, rather than through third-party distribution providers. The data centers that host the huge amount of data associated with video content - much less associated with live streaming content some platforms deliver - need not only be bigger, cleaner, and able to scale up quickly. They must also be distributed across the geographic landscape of the content consumers, who expect this huge amount of data to process quickly and be accessible everywhere instantly. 

Whether you are in the content streaming business or not, it doesn't matter. Increased demand and the necessity of pushing more and more data directly to consumers wherever they are almost instantly means one of the most important decisions you can make when designing, upgrading, or maintaining your company’s data center is choosing the ideal hardware partner.

Where to Find Expert Advice and Battle-Tested Hardware

With so many options available, how do you find the right partner for the job? A good place to start is to take a look at your current requirements. Run some projections for the growth of your company, incorporating its data processing and storage needs. You will then have a rough sketch of the hardware your company will need now and in the future.

The ideal partner can take over from there, recommending cabinets and containments engineered to take full advantage of space, cabling, power, and cooling systems.

Not only do the products need to work: your partner should have the right expertise to speak your language, proactively recommending tools before you even need them. After all, you are looking for an ally to champion your cause for years to come.

That’s Where We Come In

From fiber optics to connectivity, no one offers more ways to get connected – and stay connected – than Legrand, the leader in network infrastructure solutions.

All of Legrand’s corporate support staff are cross-trained extensively. No matter what issues arise, whether it be with a PDU, cabinet, or anything else, your team only needs to make one phone call for all the support you need. Our staff collaborates frequently across corporate teams to engineer the solutions and offer the specialized support your unique needs require.

Our intimate understanding of data center requirements has led to product developments like our Ready Ship Program. Ready Ship can deliver our most commonly requested server and network cabinet configuration within a week so you can get back to what you do best – building the data centers of the future.

Legrand CCB Combines In-House Expertise with Cutting-Edge Products

Just like servers connect people with the content they need for work, play, and learning, Legrand offers the connections that are kept safe and running at peak efficiency with cabinet and containment solutions that are used in many data centers across the country.

Legrand CCB has in-house expertise on all the systems that go into a data center, from fiber optics to connectivity, to power and of course containment because it is a data center company, not just a cabinet and containment manufacturer.

Build a better data center with Legrand



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