Greener and Faster Cabinet Procurement for You

Greener and Faster Cabinet Procurement for You

legrand_fasterToday, integrators and colocation data centers don’t just have to deal with the fun challenge of constantly meeting new demand for data storage, but have to do so in a way that is sustainable as well as fast. Customers want cabinets and servers online as soon as possible, always, while also holding their supplies and partners to ever higher standards when it comes to managing waste.

For example, let’s say your biggest customer sent you an email, requesting a meeting, Turns out it's good news: they want to lease more square footage from you and they want you to install another row or so of cabinets to meet demand in your area. Great! You can do that.

Then comes the kicker.

“When can we be online?”

The last thing you want to tell them is that turnaround for a relatively small project like this is going to be at least a month, if all goes according to plan, and we both know that no cabinet installation project ever goes exactly to plan.

Legrand sales engineers were fielding panicked calls from integrators and colocators in just those situations all too often, and so we developed a secret weapon to help out: Legrand’s Ready Ship program.

With Ready Ship, you can tell your growing customer you’ll place the order today and have the cabinets on site by the end of the week. They are pleasantly surprised. It’s nice to deliver good news, isn’t it?

Ready Ship delivers Legrand’s most commonly requested server and network cabinet configurations: the T6 Server Cabinet, which is a welded, tubular frame cabinets that feature recessed power and cable management features to make power and networking connections easy. And it ships them in a matter of days.

Legrand developed this program because we take packaging and shipping seriously. Manufacturing the best server cabinets in the world is only half the story. Getting those cabinets into the hands of companies that need them to grow in time to make a difference, while also leveraging the latest in packaging materials and processes, is the rest of the story.

Not only do enterprise customers always need more storage, and always need more storage yesterday, but they also need to adhere to sustainability guidelines coming down from corporate that means you need to account for waste at every step of the process.

How were the PDUs you ordered packaged? How much of that was recycled or better yet, reused?

How were the cabinets shipped? Was every reasonable measure taken to maximize the efficiency of that shipment?

You can be ready to answer those questions, in addition to going above and beyond to deliver for your customers, when you partner with the experts at Legrand and leverage the Ready Ship program.

Want to see the T6 Cabinet from Legrand?  Watch this video!


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