Every cabinet should have power and airflow management integrated

Every cabinet should have power and airflow management integrated

Integration of power distribution and airflow management at the cabinet level is important for any data center build out. It allows managers to increase energy efficiency and more easily isolate any system issues or failures, among other benefits. But cabinet-level integration of these systems is especially necessary for edge data centers.

cdn2.hubspot.nethubfs2510144blk_angled_cab_w_fanWhen building out an edge data center, managers must often cope with irregular footprints and building systems, like power and HVAC, that were not designed to cope with the demands of data processing. For example, a hospital looking to expand on-site data processing to cope with the demand of managing huge amounts of data generated by diagnostic equipment has to do so within the confines of existing infrastructure and systems, which can be impossible to move or change in any way. Changing the location of an emergency room to accommodate expanding onsite data processing capabilities is not going to happen.

But no matter how those systems are structured at the building level, edge data center managers can design and build out a facility with cabinet-level airflow systems, cooling systems, and power integration to suit whatever data processing requirements they have.

In addition, edge data centers, by design, have smaller footprints and, since they are typically housed in existing structures, irregular footprints as well. While managing airflow, heating, and cooling for a data center broadly has its benefits, doing so is simply impossible under the constraints of most edge data centers. Retail stores build out new locations based on where they can generate the most revenue, not which locations have the necessary amount of square footage required to dedicate to cooling their servers. When you need to fit cabinets into the footprint that you have, you need airflow management and containment integrated at the cabinet level.

Building better cabinet-level integration

Legrand Cabinets and Containment has a wide array of solutions built to offer better integration than anyone else, such as our Swing-Out Wall-Mount (SWM) Cabinets and Vertical Wall-Mount (VWM) Cabinets.

These cabinets minimize the space they take up while allowing for cooling and power distribution to be integrated - and therefore managed - at the cabinet level.

And there’s more to come from Legrand.

This year, Legrand, North and Central America announced a major acquisition: Universal Electric Corporation, a pioneer in electrical power distribution and a world leader in the development of customizable power distribution systems. The acquisition included the StarLine brand and its suite of groundbreaking power distribution products, including the StarLine Busway.

It’s been possible for UEC’s power distribution solutions, for years, to integrate with Legrand’s other data center power solutions so we are excited about the opportunities that this acquisition will generate.

This and every addition to the Legrand family of companies expands the number of power distribution products available to Legrand customers and allow our engineering team to develop even more innovative products that will help our customers cope with the changing data center landscape, and increase efficiency and reliability for their data operations.

If you’re looking for cabinet-level integration designed to be better, you’re looking for cabinets and containment solutions from Legrand.

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