Bespoke Builds: The Blank Slate Your Data Center Requires

Bespoke Builds: The Blank Slate Your Data Center Requires

Legrand_blogphoto_2The data processing needs to run a business are as unique as each business out there.  As such, your data center may require specialized solutions built specifically to your requirements. Whether you house private financial information, trademarked software-as-a-service products, or a proprietary streaming service, your data center must be built to exacting standards to support your business.

With unique needs come unique solutions.

Discover how Legrand’s Cabinets and Containment Business is able to offer an unmatched level of customization for your cabinet and containment solution needs.

Designed and Built In-House

Unlike some, Legrand CCB is the only data center supplier that designs and manufactures both its cabinet and containment products. Other suppliers manufacture cabinets but not containment products, or vice versa. Most design and engineer their products but outsource manufacturing, frequently to suppliers overseas that cannot match Legrand’s quality or efficiency.

At Legrand, our expert engineers and manufacturers work hand-in-hand to develop tailored solutions for your data center needs, whether you need to build your data center from scratch or scale to meet your company’s growth.

Every Step of the Way

Legrand CCB is here for you every step of the way. With total control over the entire process, Legrand is the perfect partner for your data center’s individualized needs, providing the right solution customized to your needs.

A true partner, Legrand’s engineering and manufacturing teams can provide fully customizable and integrated solutions for your data center, working with you at every stage of the project. All of our support teams are cross-trained to ensure expert advice through every stage of your project. Legrand is the total solution – why go anywhere else?


Build a better data center with Legrand


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