Balancing airtight with access in server cabinets

Balancing airtight with access in server cabinets

Almost nothing is more important than airflow in a cabinet - while it’s true all the hardware housed in a cabinet shuts down without power, it’ll also shut down if it’s overheated and not ventilated properly. While in the event of a power outage you can have generators ready to go as back up, there is no quick fix for overheated servers and switches. You simply have to let them cool down, and that downtime is costly.

blk_fan_1Optimizing cabinets and racks for airflow keeps you running, but it also reduces costs. The less you need to spend on energy keeping your racks cool, the better.

There are a few key components of a cabinet that need to be included to consider it optimized for airflow.

  • The cabinet is airtight, or at least appropriately connected to a cooling system such as hot or cold aisle containment.
  • Power and networking cables are appropriately organized to allow airflow through the cabinet.
  • Rails holding individual servers or switches within the rack allow the hardware to ventilate and “breath” as recommended by the manufacturer.

These are critical elements of an optimized cabinet, but there’s another element of this that needs to be considered: allowing for human access to the components.

Maintaining proper airflow and access points

It is possible to keep your cabinet airtight and optimized for airflow, and allow your IT managers to have unfettered access to the cables and hardware as needed, without completely sacrificing the efficiency of your cooling system.


At Legrand Cabinets and Containment Business North America, we know this because we are from the data center industry, and have decades of combined experience working with racks and cabinets of all different sorts. When you’ve had to crawl around and dig through bundles of cables to service some equipment and when you’ve had to deal with downtime as a result of overheating, you build better cabinets to solve for those challenges.

The LX Server & Network Cabinets from Legrand are exactly that: built better and designed specifically to improve airflow, enabling more efficient cooling and reduced power consumption.

These cabinets are compatible with cable management pathways from front-to-rear or side-to-side, depending on your needs. They include easy entry/egress points out the top or bottom of the cabinet regardless of application. They have door frames that can provide up to 82/6% maximum vented surface area ensuring an adequate air supply to equipment to maximize network uptime.

In short, every detail of this product is designed to help improve airflow, reduce cooling costs, and increase uptime - it’s everything you need in a server or networking cabinet. Best of all, it’s completely built to your specific configuration and arrives fully assembled with all components installed, including tool-less accessories like top panels, air dams, blanking panels, and chimneys according to your specifications.

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